DE Price Plastering Blog - Small porch in Whitchurch

DE Price Plastering Bristol blog - small porch in Whitchurch

Thursday, Saturday Last week we had a job small job in Whitchurch Bristol,  the customer was complaining about there porch being to cold. So we come up with a plan to Dot & Dab insulation plasterboard and then plaster the small room.

firstly due to the painted surfaces we used blue grit to prime the walls ready for the plaster adhesive to stick, blue grit is one of the strongest bonding agents. even more so the P.V.A, we left that to set for 24 hours.

We then cut and fitted the insulation plasterboard and fixed to the wall using dry wall adhesive. and for extra precaution we secondary fixed the insulation plasterboard using wall plus and screws.

once the insulation plasterboard had set we then applied scrim tape to all the joints to stop any movement cracks where the boards meet up. then mixed up and applied multi finish plaster and finished the walls smooth